We are a UK based consultancy and one of our specialities is in developing mobile apps for other companies. We develop on iOS, Android, Android Wear and Windows Phone. We are also experts in stand alone data driven applications, social applications and API integrations. We are passionate about developing apps.

Business utilities, Customer engagement apps

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The engagement between people and their smart phones is increasing at an ever-growing rate.  Whether it’s a group of people waiting for a bus or sitting waiting before an appointment, the chances are that a large percentage of them are browsing the net on their phones. Already this is helping businesses become more efficient. Users are engaging with a company’s software; not too long ago this intended free time was usually spent reading newspapers and magazines.

As user interest increases and more traffic gets directed towards your application, there is a higher chance of increased sales for you. With handheld devices, the “Push notification” feature enables you to remind the user about a subject relating to your application, even when they are currently not interacting with their smart phone. For example, reminding customers about their abandoned shopping cart. In addition to this, technology enables you to track where exactly your customers are navigating to on your application. You can therefore distinguish what’s most popular amongst the app, and what you can improve.

It is tempting to push all of this data to the user but it is critical to understand the sensitivities of your market and ensure that your users don’t disappear  or